Larkscapes Terms

Graphic Design / Web Development Terms and Conditions:
Larkscapes offering various types graphic design / web services.

Contract Process:
During the first meeting/meetings both sides, customer and client, discuss the objectives, contents and terms and condition of the project.
A clear brief is to be agreed on before the process.

Client must fill out and sign an agreement with Larkscapes representative to the terms

Client’s Responsibilities:
Client must provide the requirements and conditions of his project and order.
Client must prepare and provide the contents of the project including text and the graphic portion such as pictures, logo and etc in electronic form.
Client must pay at completion of every stage/portion of the project.

Larkscapes Responsibilities:
Customer, Larkscapes, takes fully the responsibilities for and to finish the project to the end, to the satisfaction of client.
Customer, Larkscapes, must provide information to the client regarding the accomplishing percentage of the project and discuss the process of design in each stage.
Customer must meet at least once in each stage of the project with client to discuss the project fulfillment
Prior to full payment of the project cost by client, customer, Larkscapes, must demonstrate the working product to the client in order to fully satisfy the client.
Larkscapes must complete the whole project on time as defined in the Quotation/order.

expected delivery dates
To be agreed with the client.

If the client avoids paying of payment, the customer has right to terminate the contract.
If the client wishes to not finish the project, completed portions are not refundable.
Termination of contract by client does not guarantee the refund of money for the rest of period of contract.

Project Cost:
The total cost of project will be defined by agreement by both sides, client and customer. (in this case the Quotation)
– Price/rates will not change.
– Prices are not set and fixed. Amendments to brief or extra work outside the quote may alter final price
– Any changes to the original quotation will result in change of fixed price.

Larkscapes will invoice at the end of every deliverable”
-14 day payment terms